Immense pressure is being exerted on the unit costs of electric vehicles. Automotive suppliers can gain market share by radically reducing unit costs through the design of promising technology innovations.

The CEO of an automotive supplier intends to radically reduce the unit costs of familiar applications for existing and new customers through promising technology innovations. He generates an initial requirements profile for innovation success through innovation quality:

  • radical technical cost potentials compared to competitive products,
  • possible value potentials,
  • socio-technical acceptance by customers,
  • timely SOP,
  • full problem transparency, especially the possible showstoppers,
  • quick, sustainable problem solving,
  • comprehensive, supportive innovation system.

The design of promising technology innovations is based on four premises:

  • the evolution of technologies, applications and markets,
  • the innovation success through innovation quality,
  • the radical, ingeniously simple innovation up to the technical-physical limits,
  • the multidisciplinary, cooperative, inventive and evolutionary innovation projects.

A technology innovation project involves nine parallel, iteratively interdependent activities:

  • Generate and develop requirements profile,
  • Segment the familiar applications by technologies and markets,
  • Define functional building blocks,
  • Identify technology options and technology partners,
  • Generate radical, ingeniously simple innovation approaches methodically-inventively and develop them to the technical-physical limits,
  • Develop tests methodically-inventively,
  • Build prototypes,
  • Test prototypes,
  • Organize innovation system.

We advise you on designing promising technology innovations. The basis is our Innovation Engineering, which has been developed, tried, and tested for decades.