With Innovation Engineering, we manage innovation projects so that constant innovation success seems compelling to you and us. Successful innovations provide customers with unique, measurable value proposition and transform associated innovation projects into stable oligopolies.

We manage the application of Innovation Engineering by means of success factors for continuous innovation success: innovation ecology and innovation quality.

Innovation ecology includes market attractiveness, venture capital, and institutionalization. The innovation ecology interacts continuously with the innovation projects.

Within the innovation projects, products and processes mature reliably, quickly and leanly thanks to innovation quality. We identify the showstoppers and the other problems early. Depending on the degree of innovation, we solve them also by means of Statistical Engineering as well as closely linked invention methodology. This allows us to efficiently measure, plan and control technical maturation. We achieve the goals quickly and leanly even for lighthouse projects. In doing so, we keep the balance between improvisation and methodical approach in a success-oriented manner.

We advise you to apply Innovation Engineering to your innovation projects.