Our clients appreciate our excellent quality of advice. It is characterized by binding project objectives, 100% fulfillment, very experienced and multi-specialized management consultants, quality management, and development of management consultants. Peter Schick is quality tested by KLAITON as an independent management consultant.

Before the project starts, we clarify the project objectives with our clients. Our commitment to the project objectives is optionally tangible by performance-based fees. So far we have fulfilled or exceeded 100% of our project objectives.

Our management consultants completed leading universities, often with two academic degrees. They usually bring decades of consulting experience from the global consulting firms, and hence are multi-specialized. They are complemented by competent professionals from the industry with broad industry-specific experience, built in decades. We believe in building balanced advisory teams of specialists from our network. Part of the network is KLAITON, the digital platform of independent, quality tested management consultants. The owner always takes team leadership, involved in customer service, problem solving, implementation, tangible results, and quality management. We are innovative, and systematically develop our management consultants.