Leap to multiple top performance shortly.

Solving or preventing the biggest business problems through the knowledge of root causes are the silver bullets to achieve performance leaps fast. However, often it is difficult to grasp and handle the biggest business problems.

Often it is difficult to identify, evaluate, and prioritize business problems and to form a shared opinion. Sometimes problems of the own department are kept invisible. Sometimes only problems of other units are disclosed. Sometimes a specific culture of conflict and consensus prohibits the identification of business problems. Often visible problems are not measured. Often a comprehensive overview of business problems is lacking, often a shared opinion.

To grasp and handle the biggest business problems, a list of TOP 10 business problems is prepared and agreed upon by a 360º Quick Assessment. These business problems will be solved or prevented by promising projects not only via immediate actions, but via change of root causes. We recommend the application of the industrially proven Statistical Engineering to find the root causes of the biggest problems dependably, fast, and efficiently. If problem solving by Statistical Engineering is merged with training on-the-job, then company know-how grows in parallel.

New points of view lead to additional Top 10 business problems. Some examples:

  • Today risk management is often characterized by a financial balance of risks and chances. However it is better to understand the root causes of risks and to eliminate them. This requires additional effort, but is highly profitable with sustainable effect.
  • Reporting of industrial companies often only provides cursory data or process oriented key performance indicators (KPI), calculated by standard solutions of business analytics. So root causes of quality, time, cost, and result deviations cannot be identified. By Statistical Engineering advanced solutions of business analytics are possible. They allow to predict production performance and to avoid failures by knowledge and management of root causes.
  • Today complexity of IT increases. Hence risk of performance variation, unsatisfied customers, and costs becomes bigger and bigger. By application of Statistical Engineering IT can be managed like a factory: customer oriented, dependable, and cost effective.

As soon as a business problem is solved via root causes, top management deletes it from the list of TOP 10 business problems and adds the next problem. Top performance will be achieved fast and continuously by dependable, fast, and efficient solving and preventing of actual top business problems via root causes.

Problems welcome!