We offer tangible results, directly visible within both income statement and balance sheet, by quick, sustainable performance leaps.

We are specialized in innovation und operations. These include R&D, production, maintenance, and quality management.

We achieve quick, sustainable performance leaps by

  • KPI-targets, oriented at results, value-adding performance (lean), and losses (waste),
  • target-oriented reduction of KPI-variation,
  • uncovering the root causes of losses within management and technology, even if more than 1000 variables and multiple interactions exist,
  • dependable, quick, and efficient problem solving,
  • few, unerring actions based on the root causes,
  • immediate solutions to achieve quick-wins,
  • strict controlling of implementation,
  • commitment, tangible by performance based-fees.

This is fulfilled by Statistical Engineering, complemented by experienced consultants, Innovation Engineering, benchmarks, and best practices.

So we increase the competitiveness and the value of our client to his complete satisfaction.