Companies optimize their customer orientation, quality, and productivity through programs for operational excellence. Fully? Maintenance is often excluded because of its special features. Or have you ever heard anything substantial about maintenance excellence?

Customer orientation of maintenance is a result of same interests of maintenance and its customers. In practice, however, the interests diverge rapidly because people work in organizations. An outsourcing of maintenance will soon lead to in-house maintenance again. Tailor-made solutions for customer-oriented maintenance are required.

Maintenance quality results in additional yield by sustainably raising the lower limit of the yield variation close to the capacity limit of the asset. This avoids the risk of breakdown costs, which are a multiple of the maintenance costs. An additional profit margin, avoided investments in assets, and productive investments are further effects of maintenance quality. Maintenance quality requires experience and Statistical Engineering.

Maintenance productivity creates additional returns by permanently reducing the upper limits of the variation of maintenance costs and the inventory of spare parts and wearing parts. Wasteless performance of maintenance must be measured.

We advise you to carry out programs for maintenance excellence.