Very often business performance can be improved immediately by solving technical product problems, even if they aged for decades. We advise our clients with hands-on technical optimization or Innovation Engineering. Some examples:

• Dimensioning of engine gas exchange
• Dimensioning of engine intake manifold
• Dimensioning of motorcycle engine components
• Dimensioning of asynchroneous communication bus system
• Elimination of cam belt noise
• Elimination of leakage of fuel injectors
• Elimination of engine emergency status case
• Elimination of automatic transmission failures
• Reliability increase of combustion engines
• Complexity and cost reduction of diverse European train boogies
• Complexity and double-digit cost reduction of communication products
• Complexity and cost reduction of cars, components, parts
• Technical material cost reduction of 1.5% of turnover

As soon as we uncover the root cause of the technical problem using Statistical Engineering, a suitable solution will be implemented. Innovation Engineering allows risk minimization for dependable, fast, and efficient product development as well as product launches.