Successful basic innovations substitute many established industries like an avalanche. Companies can generate high sales and create many new jobs by designing promising basic innovations such as robot cars.

A CEO driven by great USP and with an affinity for technology intends to create high growth through a basic innovation. He generates an initial requirement profile for innovation success through innovation quality:

  • radical technological value potentials for potential customers,
  • radical technical cost potentials compared to current technology,
  • socio-technical acceptance by customers,
  • timely SOP,
  • full problem transparency, especially for potential showstoppers,
  • quick, sustainable problem solving,
  • comprehensive, supportive innovation system.

The design of promising basic innovations is based on four premises:

  • the evolution of technologies, applications and markets,
  • the innovation success through innovation quality,
  • the radical, ingeniously simple innovation up to the technical-physical limits,
  • the multidisciplinary, cooperative, inventive and evolutionary innovation projects with a fully responsible leader.

An innovation project for a basic innovation includes twelve parallel, iteratively interdependent activities:

  • Appoint a fully responsible leader for the innovation project,
  • Generate and develop a requirements profile,
  • Segment markets, applications, and technologies,
  • Identify lower market segments, market niches, and new markets,
  • Understand applications and users,
  • Define functional building blocks,
  • Identify technology options, technology partners, and production partners,
  • Generate radical, ingeniously simple innovation approaches methodically-inventively and develop them to the technical-physical limits,
  • Develop tests methodically-inventively,
  • Build prototypes,
  • Test Prototypes,
  • Organize innovation system.

We advise you to design promising basic innovations. The basis is our Innovation Engineering, which has been developed, tried, tested and practiced for decades.