Industrial maintenance is accountable for costs of contracted maintenance, which can amount to several percent of sales. Often dormant in them is an appreciable cost potential, because practice of contracted maintenance can be improved by a wide application of partly unused instruments.

Costs of contracted maintenance, contracted maintenance itself, and their causes vary substantially. To fully realize their costs potential based on the few root causes, ranges and distribution forms have to be analyzed in addition to mean values. This requires expertise in maintenance, indirect purchasing, management, and Statistical Engineering. According to the analysis either an integrated or selective solutions can be implemented. Examples:

  • Formulate maintenance contracts based on measurements or flat rates
  • Define service levels and billing modes
  • Get multiple offers
  • Award similar contracts to two suppliers
  • Select new suppliers with clear intention
  • Shift purchased volumes between suppliers
  • Negotiate annual and multi-year contracts
  • Organize process of contracted maintenance with indirect purchasing

So practice of contracted maintenance improves. Costs of contracted maintenance drop quickly and sustainably.