Before the end of this decade, sales of many auto suppliers will collapse due to the substitution of their products. However, at the same time they can grow by designing promising, quick innovations.

The design of promising, quick innovations is based on three premises:

  • the evolution of technologies, applications and markets,
  • the innovation success by innovation quality,
  • the multidisciplinary, cooperative, inventive and evolutionary innovation projects.

An innovation project comprises seven parallel, iteratively dependent activities:

  • Generate and develop requirement profile,
  • Segment technologies, applications and markets,
  • Understand applications and users,
  • Generate and develop innovative approaches in a methodical and inventive way,
  • Develop tests in a methodical and inventive way,
  • Build prototype,
  • Test

The CEO of an automotive supplier with a foreseeable sales collapse first defines what an innovation is for him and what level of innovation he expects. In order to speed up, he expects, for example, new applications of own technologies with existing as well as new B2B customers. Furthermore, the CEO generates an initial requirement profile for innovation success by innovation quality: considerable and measurable technological value as well as efficiency potential compared to competitive products, socio-technical acceptance by customers and timely SOP.


We advise you on designing promising, quick innovations. The basis is our Innovation Engineering, which has been developed, tried, and tested for decades.