Measure, control, and improve maintenance quality by Statistical Engineering. So you boost return on capital and operating margin fast and efficiently.

Maintenance secures operational capability of fixed assets. For instance, fixed assets include systems, machines, equipment, and buildings. In case of troubles maintenance re-establishes operational capability. Maintenance increases life expectancy of fixed assets, enables optimal utilization and availability, repairs, reduces number of troubles, optimizes operation, improves general plant safety, and plans forward-looking. Maintenance has to solve problems that bob up during co-operation with many functions: with production, logistics, sales, quality management, external service providers, just to name few. And if delivery dependability becomes too low, for instance in case of planned maintenance or of overflow of set-up time, maintenance may find management attention.

Maintenance cannot unfold its full effectiveness, if it is considered as cost center by management, for lack of deep insight. In that case it only should improve maintenance productivity. Mostly maintenance has to secure high technical availability of equipment. This prevalent consensus is backed up by measurability of technical availability, a first indicator of maintenance quality. However technical availability does not show full effect of maintenance on return on capital and operating margin. If both maintenance quality and maintenance productivity are measured, controlled, and improved comprehensively, you can expect short-term return boosts.

By Statistical Engineering we identify and evaluate root causes of poor maintenance quality, derive need for action, work the few effective actions out, implement them immediately and achieve tangible results. We focus on quick-wins.

So we make a difference to the many actions leading to implementation or to improvement of a maintenance system, but do not really contribute to business success effectively and short-term.

In contrast to that you lift return on capital and operating margin fast and efficiently when you measuredly improve maintenance quality by Statistical Engineering.