Foreseeable missing of targets leads to action. Companies often take other actions at the latest when first actions fail to show effect. Then often either actionism takes place or a long chain of actions will happen without any significant effect. Tough target deviations often exist for decades.
Far better is the early use of Statistical Engineering to find the root causes of bad results and to implement effective solutions. On the other hand early use of Innovation Engineering will keep results on target, because problems will be avoided.
We advise our clients to optimize results systematically and fast. We also advise to take
preventive actions to hit the targets.

Some examples:
• Annual productivity improvement of engineering
• Annual growth and annual improvement of top profit and top quality position
Development and market introduction of high-quality world novelties
• Profit turnaround
• Quality turnaround
• Customer complaint reduction by 50%
• Achievement of quality leadership
• Development and market introduction of high-quality world novelties

To improve results, we select the appropriate methodology and identify the underlying problems. These are very often interactions of several kinds of problems:

• Product problems
• Process problems
• Know-how problems of employees
• Leadership problems
• Strategy problems

Then we set problem priorities and find the root causes of the underlying problems as well as suitable solutions for them.