A widely underestimated profit potential of many companies is maintenance in production and customer service. Usually maintenance can not find management attention. Neither is maintenance performance on the agenda of management meetings, nor do the members of the executive have maintenance experience. Only when executives demand the most suitable maintenance requirements, maintenance will quickly and sustainably contribute to profit growth.

Maintenance requirements are requirements for performance and for excellence. The most suitable requirements should be top-down derived from the corporate strategy and provided with key performance indicators (KPI).

Performance requirements are maintenance quality, maintenance productivity, and maintenance lead time. Maintenance works with highest quality when the equipment of its customers is sustainably operated at capacity. Maintenance quality is measured for instance by yield. Maintenance works at highest productivity when its costs are benchmark or below. Maintenance productivity is measured for example by maintenance costs divided by replacement value of equipment. Maintenance works with shortest lead time when maintenance orders are sustainably processed without waste.

KPI of maintenance are usually statistically characterized by average (among others MTBF, MTTR), range, and distribution shape. If averages are analyzed for root causes, single digit to low double-digit percentage increases in performance can be achieved. If additionally range and distribution shape are top-down analyzed by Statistical Engineering, then high double-digit percentage increases in performance are often achieved quickly and sustainably – by measures based on few root causes.

Requirements for maintenance excellence can be specified either by analyzing root causes or by maturity models. Expertise on maintenance excellence is part of an efficient root cause analysis. This expertise may be shown in a maturity model. Maturity models for maintenance excellence alone, without knowledge of the root causes, often mislead to many costly measures without any sustainable profit growth.

We advise you to reach quick, sustainable profit growth by maintenance excellence. We bring performance leaps of maintenance by Statistical Engineering.