Controlling often reveals high maintenance costs as % of sales in combination with low maintenance productivity. Such a situation gives the company a chance to win a competitive advantage, if it taps the full productivity potential of maintenance. This is done either by an integrated solution or by selective solutions based on root causes.

Average maintenance costs of companies vary between some 4% and 12% of sales depending on the industry. The full productivity potential, for which the root causes have to be analyzed, is somewhere between 2% and 5% of sales, if we compare the average maintenance costs of the respective industry with world class maintenance costs. And even world class maintenance leaves room for additional productivity, since maintenance costs vary strongly if you look closely.

The productivity potential can only be tapped quickly and sustainably if the root causes of maintenance costs variation are revealed. Statistical Engineering will help. Knowing the root causes allows either an integrated solution or selective solutions such as:

  • Target agreement for performance, quality, time, and cost as well as common target fulfillment with internal customers
  • Solution for the most difficult reliability problems and increase of the minimum reliability of machines
  • Maintenance process improvements and revitalization of Total Productive Maintenance
  • Improvement of the outsourcing practice and of make-or-buy
  • Optimization of storage of consumables, wear parts, and spare parts
  • Improvement of the database, the performance measurement system, planning, and control

So maintenance productivity becomes a competitive advantage, maintenance world class.