In most cases business performance can be improved at once by solving technical or commercial process problems, for example of product engineering processes, production processes, or acquisition processes. We advise our clients with hands-on optimization or prevention and innovation techniques. Some examples:

• Quality improvement of mechatronic product development
• Quality improvement of mechatronic production
• Quality improvement of body shell production
• Quality improvement of car paint
• Quality improvement of final car assemblies
• Quality improvement of aluminum die casting
• Quality improvement of cockpit foaming
• Elimination of engine rusting during assembly
• Elimination of water in head lamps
• Elimination of seat cover burning during production
• Productivity improvement of manufacturing by 20% without investments
• Productivity improvement of tests along value chain with suppliers
• Productivity improvement of maintenance by 20%
• Lead time reduction for delivery and order and order by 80%
• Lead time reduction of car prototyping by 70%
• Lead time reduction of projects of 70% by Simultaneous Engineering

We focus on uncovering the root cause of the process problem with the help of an optimization technique to implement a suitable solution. Prevention techniques are allowing risk minimization for dependable, fast, and efficient processes.