The automotive market has been shrinking since the beginning of 2018. Not only since the corona crisis, many auto suppliers have been experiencing a decline in sales. The uncertainty about their future makes them skeptical. They limit one-time expenses in growth. Only plausible confidence, goals and projects enable new growth.

In the shrinking market of automotive suppliers plausible confidence, goals and projects grow from cleverly asked entrepreneurial questions such as follows:

  • Has the peak car been exceeded?
  • Does OEM insourcing reduce our sales?
  • How do we deal with own excess capacities and those of our market?
  • Which competitors leave our market in which order?
  • How do we make corporate strategy and business model future-proof?
  • What product range do we offer?
  • What innovations do we have in our market?
  • Are we entering new applications and new markets with our technologies?
  • Which new technologies do we integrate?
  • Do we integrate vertically?

We advise you to generate new growth.