In research and development (R&D) as well as in production key performance indicators (KPI) like result, cash flow, productivity, quality, reliability, or timeliness are showing poor performance. Focus issues are for instance:

Underlying technical and process problems have to be solved on short notice.

But usual problem solving seems to be a dead end. Conventionally achieved performance increase is not enough.

To solve problems dependably, fast, and efficiently we suggest the early use of our straightforward methodology, Statistical Engineering. We used it in far more than 100 industrial research, development, and production projects. These resulted in performance leaps.

Your unique benefits:

  • empirically sound, quantitative KPI improvement
  • measures focused on few root causes
  • fast problem solving and low resource requirement
  • all variables and interactions considered
  • application even in early innovation phases
  • easy methods and on-the-job trained associates