Constant innovation success

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Constant innovation success ensures the long-term success of the company, excellent routine the short-term success. Innovation is organic, routine mechanistic. Their differences cause the innovation-routine conflict. Usually the routine eats the innovations, excellent routine devours them. Here, companies can switch over and achieve constant innovation success through four success factors. more….

Innovation success by innovation quality

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Innovation success by innovation quality – this is in short the answer to the question: what leads to the rare success, what to the predominant failure of complex innovations? To find the answer, we compared a group of successful innovations with a group of failed innovations in an exploratory meta-analysis. more….

Excellent quality of advice

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Our clients appreciate our excellent quality of advice. It is characterized by binding project objectives, 100% fulfillment, very experienced and multi-specialized management consultants, quality management, and development of management consultants. Peter Schick is quality tested by KLAITON as an independent management consultant. more….

Profit growth by maintenance excellence

A widely underestimated profit potential of many companies is maintenance in production and customer service. Usually maintenance can not find management attention. Neither is maintenance performance on the agenda of management meetings, nor do the members of the executive have maintenance experience. Only when executives demand the most suitable maintenance requirements, maintenance will quickly and sustainably contribute to profit growth. more….

Maintenance productivity as a competitive advantage

Controlling often reveals high maintenance costs as % of sales in combination with low maintenance productivity. Such a situation gives the company a chance to win a competitive advantage, if it taps the full productivity potential of maintenance. This is done either by an integrated solution or by selective solutions based on root causes. more….