Solve tricky process problems quickly and sustainably

Tricky process problems are like diamonds: very robust, very old and very expensive. They resist pragmatic problem solving in product engineering and production because of repeated erroneous assumptions about the root causes. The good and highly significant message: Planned problem solving by Statistical Engineering forces the uncovering of the real root cause also from the point of view of third parties. more ….

Solve tricky product problems quickly and sustainably

Tricky product problems are often sticky and chewy like chewing gum: Whatever you do, you can not get rid of them. In practice, they survive because the method of trial and error has repeatedly failed, both in product engineering and in production. The good, highly significant news: Using Statistical Engineering, tricky product problems can be solved quickly and sustainably. more ….

Growth in the shrinking market of automotive suppliers

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The automotive market has been shrinking since the beginning of 2018. Not only since the corona crisis, many auto suppliers have been experiencing a decline in sales. The uncertainty about their future makes them skeptical. They limit one-time expenses in growth. Only plausible confidence, goals and projects enable new growth. more ….