Innovation Engineering

With Innovation Engineering, we manage innovation projects so that constant innovation success seems compelling to you and us. Successful innovations provide customers with unique, measurable value proposition and transform associated innovation projects into stable oligopolies. more ….

Innovation success for start-ups

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Innovations almost always fail, so start-ups too. Only rarely a start-up becomes an independent member of a stable oligopoly. The success of a start-up requires strategy, master plan and derived business models. more ….

Cost-effective R&D network

A R&D network of divisions can compensate for higher R&D costs. The resulting increase in R&D productivity is economically more attractive than eliminating R&D projects or increasing efficiency within divisions, which often compromises R&D quality. more ….

Innovation timing

The innovation timing determines the innovation success. Innovation projects fail when the environment goes unnoticed, when TTM takes first place instead of innovation quality, when planning ignores technical risks, when the right milestones are missing in early innovation phases, or … Continued

Agile innovation system

Does the transformation to an agile innovation system increase the company’s earnings? Can it adapt and survive in the face of external change? Or is agility essentially reserved for the start-ups of e-business? These are current entrepreneurial questions for managing … Continued