Often quality of ramp-ups of series production varies, although all means of specialists have been applied, like product engineering process, project management, design, FMEA, simulations, tests, DMAIC, design of experiments. 

Then staff requires more capacity and priorities to quickly solve ramp-up problems. Subsequent projects suffer. As lesson learned management decides afterwards to intensify front loading. So product projects become more and more complex, capacity intensive, and subject to change. Management goes against this by lean and agile engineering. However quality of ramp-ups varies still, because the technical, logistical, data technical, and organizational root causes of quality variation are not really understood.

We find root causes of variation of actual ramp-ups by Statistical Engineering. We eliminate the root causes by technical and organizational solutions, that we standardize and apply to comparable and future projects. For innovative products we reach high ramp-up quality by Innovation Engineering.

Hence you are able to identify ramp-up quality problems immediately at the root cause and go against them early. So you reach high ramp-up quality fast, efficiently, and sustainably. You improve your reputation, can gain more orders, and use R&D capacity for other tasks.