Some companies feel the need for a time-to-market far shorter than competition. However innovation process and product engineering process are to long. R&D lead time varies in a wide range. In most cases maximum R&D lead time can be reduced substantially by Statistical Engineering. So R&D lead time will be far shorter than others reduced by conventional process analysis.

Shortest R&D lead time within competition can be used for world novelties, USP, additional margins, or additional market shares, just to name some examples. Hence companies often do time consuming and capacity binding process analysis. In case of optimization they generally record actual processes in detail, analyze them, and improve them by reducing average lead-times. In case of innovation they develop target processes with target lead times. Generally variation of R&D lead time is neither systematically recorded nor analyzed down to root causes.

We reduce and customize the variation of lead time of innovation process and product engineering process. In case of optimization we analyze variation by Statistical Engineering. Detailed process recording is not necessary. In case of innovation we apply Innovation Engineering. We reorganize processes with interfaces or implement them for the first time.

So you get a superior, short R&D lead time. That you can use within competition.